Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I Carry your Heart - Free Blogger Design

This design is called "I carry your heart" and it's available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (ie: it means that you can change it however you like, you just have to make sure credit comes back to me).

The design is free.

  • Download the template: here
  • Need help installing it? Read this
  • View more Blogger templates: here


Anonymous said...

I love the color and fronts and everything about this layout, I'd like to use it but I don't like the quote or the flower, is there any chance you'd do this layout again but with something different at the top??????

Suck My Lolly said...

Anon! You didn't leave a link or an email! How am I going to contact you?? Please come back and leave your email or email me on

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my email is

Anonymous said...

Hiya again, I did have a site but I got so fed up with the layout that I gave up! the name for my new site is "but its my world"
You are probably the only site I have found that has fully original layout that are unlike any others, you do a brilliant job....

Suzy said...

I want to use this layout but I have a Mac and when I try to open up the file to get the code after downloading-- because I have a Mac it shows me the html instead of the actual code. Is there a way you could put it in a word doc and email it to me??

If you can't it's ok..

My email is

mon ange said...

Hi! I really adore this blogskin, but when I tried uploading it as my blog template, I cannot see the inner space, as in its cut off right after the quote, so my posts are actually on the floral wall paper. Please advice me on what I should do. Thank You!

My email is